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Create a side character that is a PoC

>Get criticized for the character not being a major influence on the story

Make main character a PoC

>get criticized for not understanding at all what it would be like to live as a PoC and therefore shouldn’t write (or try to write) a deep multidimensional character as one

Have no PoC characters

>get criticized for underrepresentation of PoC (Now I can understand this one; and it’s clearly a problem. The point of this point is to show the catch 22 I’ve seen some people create)


Make a PoC a deuteragonist

>get criticized for downplaying their role, or get accused of turning the character into a “magical negro” trope


Make a PoC an antagonist

>imply/argue that i’m somehow trying to insinuate that I’m promoting racism by somehow demonizing that ethnic background


I can see why PoC get upset at a lot of these issues. Undoubtedly a lot of people are extremely reasonable towards writers on these issues, Those people are not why I am making this post.

I’ve seen so many people write in culturally relevant, strong, and well rounded PoC characters and face these criticisms; I’m not trying to be an ignorant white prick, I didn’t make this post to sound condescending as I frequently come off to be. I want input; from everyone who this post is relevant too; how do you wish to see yourself/your culture portrayed fairly in literature?

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